Top 5 Drone Accessories

With drones being so popular in 2017 we decided to compile a list of the top 5 drone accessories that you’ll need where you’re just starting out or have had a drone for years.

1. Propeller guards

In order to protect you and those surrounding you so that no one is injured as the blades can hurt. These guards also have the ability to make a more personalised look to your drone by adding colours and patterns making them more eye catching.

2. Extra batteries

It’s always important to have extra batteries because it’s likely that you will run out of battery and need an extra. So, it’s so important to have extras with you. This will also save you a lot of time if your battery runs out as you won’t have to wait for it to charge.

3. Carrying case

A carrying case is one of the most key elements for drone users so that you can keep all your drone accessories in one place. Not only this but it’s important to keep your drone safe as they are an investment and something that you don’t want to get broken.

4. Micro SD cards

Micro SD cards are a necessity when it comes to being a drone user or any type of photography for that matter.

5. Extra propellers

Also, an important accessory for your drone as you will be likely to lose or break one while you’re out and about with it.

Well there’s our top 5 drone accessories, all key to being a more successful drone user. But we’d like to know what drone accessories you can’t live without!

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