High Life - Aerial Video and Photography

Working exclusively in the luxury lifestyle and experiences sector.


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What we shoot

Exotic and Specialist Cars

Aerial shots of vehicles can give a totally different perspective on the usual car shots. Especially good for video and motion shots.

Car Rallies & Trackdays

Documenting a cross country car rally, or a trackday from the air adds to the drama, of both the cars and the scenery.

Premium Property

Aerial shots can truly capture the grandeur and locations of premium properties and country homes, that grounds shoots cannot capture.

Boats and Yachts

Capturing a vessel out on the water from the sky, is so much better than at ground level when docked.

Exclusive Venues

Let people discover your stunning venue in a totally different way. Capture the full story from above.

Unique Experiences

Whether it's an exclusive off piste ski trip, or a special one off holiday experience. We can capture this.


A little bit about us, the equipment and technology, and the process of how we work.

About Us

We work exclusively in the luxury lifestyle and experiences sector, and offer a truly bespoke service. As you would expect, we only employ drone pilots with the correct CAA approved training and permissions, are fully insured and use the latest drones and technology to ensure the very best quality. Our current equipment allows us to shoot ultra HD (4K) footage for the highest quality video; and 12MP raw sensors for amazing detailed still photographs. We are based in Yorkshire but can work across the UK & worldwide.

How We Work

After initial discussions, we'll come up with some concepts for you for specific shots and locations. Once agreed, we'll handle all the planning, permissions, and technical tasks required. This includes details such as locations, weather considerations, and planning lists of shots (still and video).

On location we'll take care of everything and arrive with a full agenda of shots and proposed timings. We'll usually try some additional shots at the time, if we think they may be beneficial. The more raw footage we have, typically the better it is for the final production.

The final stage of the process is the editing. This is where we piece the best shots together, and build a story of the whole shoot. We then supply the final productions in your required formats, and requested different sizes and qualities.

Contact Info

  •   0113 493 1248
  •   Parkhill Business Centre, Walton Road, Wetherby, LS22 5DZ


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